Legger Presses


Sandwich Scissor

Clear Buck

471/481/491SLMC/SLMAC Scissor

Re-Designed Bucks and Heads - Stronger Dimple Weld Design

Re-Designed Frames - Fewer Welds, Stronger

Electric Switches and Simple Maintenance

Pillow Block Bearings - Durable, Long-Lasting, Economical

One-Piece Table Design, Durable, Attractive

Iron Attachment, Sleeve Board, Water Spray Optional

491SLMAC Sandwich Press

Increases Production up to 50% without Sacrificing Quality

Excellent Finish - Sharp Creases

Finishes Both Pant Legs in One Lay

Center Leaf Holds First Leg While Dressing Second Leg

Center Leaf Designed to give Maximum Steam and Vacuum Flow

Center Leaf easily Raises and Lowers; Held in Upward and Downward Position with a Spring

Press Designed to also Finish other Garments

K-602 Center Leaf Kit available for other “C” Series Leggers

472/482FGR - Clear Buck

Patented operating controls - close with either hand and lock with the other

Clear Buck Design for Easy Operator Dressing - can be used as a steam and vacuum board for finishing sweaters and hand ironing

Insulated head design reduces heat loss and operator fatigue

Variable Pressure System for Quality Finishing

Two-Hand Control Operation on hot head presses