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* Advanced Engineering

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Forenta manufactures and markets a wide range of products to meet the needs of the dry cleaning and laundry industries.  Forenta garment presses (dry cleaning & laundry), steam-air finishing machines, conveyors and miscellaneous other products provide cost effective solutions to the needs of dry cleaners and laundries throughout the world.

Forenta designs and builds quality products that are reliable, easy to use and safe.  These products are sold and backed up by a worldwide network of dealers that provide recommendations, installation, training and service.  Forenta supports this dealer network and their customers with additional service and engineering.

Forenta products are sold throughout the world to dry cleaners, five star hotels, cruise ships, naval warships , hospitals and garment manufacturers.  Forenta's reputation for its commitment to the customer is unequaled in the fabric care industry.


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          Sample of Forenta Finishing Solutions
Model 822SBSP Single Buck Body Press 


Designed to finish the wide range of sizes and styles

Sleeve pleaters turn on or off with touch screen

Sleeves adjust up and down for better sleeve finish

Color touch screen control panel

Flat heads for better finish

Stationary buck -- shirt is completely dressed from one position.

Blowers automatically trun off when not in use for quieter operation

Self-diagnostics from touch screen

Water Spray Standard


827SB Single Buck Body Press

607TFF Tension Form Finisher 851RDSP Rotary Double Body & Sleeve Press

*Export Only*
461SURMC-BV Self-Contained Utility Press

46SVBA Steam-Vacuum Board 6024VLFV Flatwork Press
491SLMAC Auto "Sandwich" Legger Press   Hand Irons
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