Steam-Air Finishers

Rotary Form

Tension Form

Utility/Sleeve Form


● Available with long or short form

● Control box can be located on right or left side

● Designed for jackets, coats,  dresses, sweaters
● Removable mesh over-bag for finishing delicates

● Adjustable timing – variable programs for steam, air and steam/air combination


607TFF Tension Form

● Adjustable shoulder expanders

● Operates with full tensioning when required

● Accessories – sleeve forms, front placket clamp

● Form raises additional 30 inches for longer garments

● Compact console with operational timers and switches

● Operates without tensioning for non-stretchable garments

● Finishes men’s and ladies’ coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, blouses

● Front and rear clamps for tensioning and non-tensioning garments

● Semi-automatic vent clamps close manually, automatic release at end of cycle



81SF Steam-Air Sleeve Finisher

● Requires No Electricity

● Simple to Use - Easy Maintenance

  ● Finishes All Fabrics, Styles and Sizes

● The Most Versatile Sleeve Finisher on the Market

● Some Garments Can Be Entirely Finished on the Forenta Sleeve Finisher

● Excellent for Slacks and Jeans that Require a Rounded Leg - No Creases