Tension Finishing

PTSA Topper

TFF Form Finisher

22PTSA Tension Topper

● Variable Tensioning

● Manual drying air button

● Multiple timing programs

● Automatic pant leg measuring system

● Steam heated buck with pleat pressing shoes

● Foot controls, leaving hands free to dress pants

● PLC programmer with multiple timing programs

● Pre-steaming and other options with touch of a button

● Automatic programming for better & more consistent finish

607TFF Tension Form

● Adjustable shoulder expanders

● Operates with full tensioning when required

● Accessories – sleeve forms, front placket clamp

● Compact console with operational timers and switches

● Operates without tensioning for non-stretchable garments

● Finishes men’s and ladies’ coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, blouses

● Front and rear clamps for tensioning and non-tensioning garments

● Semi-automatic vent clamps close manually, automatic release at end of cycle