Sleeve Presses





910SAB Shirt Sleeve Press

Flat Heads

● Finishes a Wide Range of Shirt Sizes

● Foot Activation for Side-Drying Air Bag

● Bucks Raise and Lower Easily for Proper Finishing

● Bucks Designed with Solid Buck Plate and Porous Side-Drying Air Bags

● New "Dimple" Steam Chamber and Flat Head Design for Efficient Heating


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905HSA Cabinet Sleeve Press

Contoured Heads

● Water Spray Standard

● Special Head and Buck Design for Quality Finishing

● Buck Designed with Yoke and Side-Drying Air Bags

● Bucks Transfer Simultaneously for Faster Production

● Collar Clamp Automatically Opens for Operator Convenience

● Bucks are Designed to Finish from the Smallest to the Largest Size Shirts

● Shirts are Dressed on Front Buck and Rear Buck from Same Rest Position

77SASL/EASL Air Bag Sleever

● No Compressed Air Required

● Two Sleeve Forms with Cuff Clamps

● Finishes Small to Large Size Sleeves

● Steam and Electric Models Available

● Steam and Air Bag Shirt Sleeve Finisher

● Steam-Heated Air through Porous Air Bags

● For use with Bantam or Cabinet Shirt Systems

● Convenient Controls with Adjustable Steam & Air Timer

● Shoulder Yoke Tensioner to hold Shirt in Position while Finishing

● Operational Cycle - Steam Only, Steam and Air, Air Only or any Combination

Split Buck Sleever Press

● Designed with Two Bucks for Pressing Shirt Sleeves and All Wearing Apparel

● Nickel-Plated Head Reduces Heat Loss,Saves Energy

● Uses Control Bar to Close Head

● Steam or Electrically Heated